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What upfront expenses are there to put my home on the market?

There are no upfront expenses. Our office is paid only when we find a buyer for your home and our fee is collected at the time of closing.

What are my closing costs?

Closing costs will vary from one transaction to the next, but some common expenses to consider include: broker fees, attorney fees, preparation of a survey, updating an abstract of title, state tax stamps and recording fees. Our agents can prepare a more detailed breakdown of the expenses pertaining to your particular transaction.

Do Open Houses really sell?

Yes! While you may not be lucky enough to end up with a stream of offers that follow your open house, your house receives added newspaper exposure, internet exposure, a draw of attention with extra signs and balloons, and ultimately added foot traffic through your home.

Should I be home when my house is being shown?

Most buyers prefer to have a REALTOR® give them a tour of the property. While you may have circumstances that prevent you from leaving, it is best to give the buyer and agent as much privacy as possible so they can discuss any likes, dislikes and concerns openly. If there are particular features of your home that you want to be certain are not overlooked, discuss these with your agent in advance so a list may be made available to potential buyers.

How much notice will I have that somebody is coming to view my home?

Our general practice is to give homeowners 24 hour notice for showing appointments. There may be circumstances where a buyer requests a shorter-notice appointment, and if you are able to accommodate that is great. But if you are not able to accommodate inside of 24 hours, we understand.

Is my home secure with the use of a key lockbox?

Absolutely. The lockboxes are the most secure way to handle access to your home. Only a licensed REALTOR® has the ability to obtain a lockbox key. Each lockbox can be programmed to allow access only during the hours of day you specify, and a log is kept which reports on which agents have accessed the home, as well as the day and time they were there.

Once my house sells, how long do I have to move out?

A typical closing takes anywhere from 45 – 90 days depending on the buyer’s financing, as well as other factors that may be negotiated into the contract. It is expected that the house is entirely empty and broom swept at the time of closing. If you are selling and buying a house at the same time, you will want to discuss this and plan the details of your move with your agent ahead of time so that proper arrangements are made.

Do I have to hire an attorney to handle the sale of my home?

While it is not mandatory, it is advisable to hire one. Additionally you will want to make sure the attorney you select is experienced in real estate transactions to ensure the paperwork is processed properly. Your attorney will review the contract on your behalf, prepare necessary paperwork, advocate for you when necessary, and attend the closing with you to guide you through the signing of all the closing documents.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have!

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